Chuck hamming it up. Was anyone surprised?
Jane, Lisa, Patti, and Elise plot an overthrow of the kitchen and then on to the rest of the world.!
Lori & Lynn bravely introducing each other. They tried hiding but that didn't save them.
Dean & Carl discussing the cost/benefits of lite versus imported beer.
Joni & April checking their to-do list. 1) grab a drink, 2) grab another drink, ...
Jon & Blaise plan their assault on the buffet line.
Did you ever notice how Grent is always at a table with only females? How does he do that?
OK, who told Galen he could drink?
Greg & Eva are distracted by desert.
"So I told my husband, it's not a party, I'm going to be shopping at Walmart until 12:00." Right Yolanda!
Cathy and Joleen are smiling because they can't remember the photographer's name.
Kevin forgets that this isn't karaoke night.
Patti is obviously having a better time than the others at her table. What was that in her glass?
Brad explains to Lori how he tricked everyone into coming to the reunion. She believes him.
Lisa and Joan. Notice how they're all by themsleves? This must be the little girl's table.